Thursday, September 18, 2008

Kid Mart

If you haven't stopped by our Kid Mart booth you really should take a look sometime.
We have new products in there all the time and thanks to Shae's rearranging the booth is looking better than ever.

We also have new seamless rings for our Ring Slings - They are stronger and better looking so come on by the booth and check it out.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Turtle! Turtle!

Here are a few pics of a really fun custom order we did for a nine year old girl. I hope she enjoys her new bedding, I know we enjoyed putting this together for her.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Rings/ Slings/ and other things

So as some of you may know we are waiting on a shipment of new seamless rings. I just found out yesterday that they were back ordered and the company didn't even let us know. Aaargh!!! You would think that they would have known sooner as it has been over 3 weeks!

Thank you Sandy for your extreme patience, I special ordered some just for you yesterday and should get them this week. Also we will be doing a booth at the Christmas craft fair this year and would love to get some pics from all of you our friends and customers. If you have any pics of any of our products in use we would love to have them. You could e-mail them to or send them to us on myspace; Or simply tag us from your own photo album.

We still have our booth inside of Kid Mart so feel free to stop by there anytime and check it out.

Many thanks and God Bless, Beth and Shae

Check out these awesome dolls my Aunt and Cousin are sewing with extreme love. They will hopefully be sharing a booth with us at the Christmas fair so make sure to check them out. They are way beyond too cute.