Sunday, April 27, 2008

Our little model :-D

Sheila has had all sorts of cool new ideas for us to try.... so our products list is getting pretty long ;)
I made the cutest little terry bloomers for her to use in her sessions! They have little patches on the butt. I made them reversible, so that one side could be boy, and one side girl. We also made some reversible cotton covers for her that are too cool! Beth had some super cool flame cotton, so she made a reversible blue/red flame boy cover for her, and some matching cuffs! These covers are not water proof, but they are perfect for under little girl's dresses, or on hot hot summer days, when our babes love to be nakie.
Also.... We are going baby leg warmer crazy! They are so cute! and the kids LOVE them! My son wont take his off :) They are perfect for quick diaper changes!
We have been using our cotton scraps from the covers to make baby cuffs. They are comfy cotton wrist bands with colorful poly resin snaps. The teething babies think they are great to chew on, and they can't drop them! ;)
Beth has also found a pattern for adorable baby shoes! Our goal is to make them cute, affordable, and good for our babys' feet! I will get some pictures of them up as soon as we get some.

Well that is a quick update on our coolest new products. New orders are welcome!
We use PayPal, or if you are in town, you can stop by our booth at Kid Mart.
Shoot us an email if you have questions about anything, or for custom orders.


Wednesday, April 16, 2008


We Did It!

We got a Spot!

Keep Checking in for New Items, New Pricing, and New News!

(photo by sheila nielson